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Listen..and Vote For HOME

Each holiday season, AccuRadio Online donates $1,000 each weeknight to nonprofit agencies selected by their listeners. Please follow the steps below to listen to your favorite music and VOTE for HOME.

1. Click the link: Free Internet Radio | AccuRadio Online
2. Select a channel from the playlist.
3. A form will pop up to vote for a nonprofit.
4. Select “OTHER”, type in HOME of Somerset County (NJ) and click below to submit your vote.
5. The voting process may be hidden by ads on some mobile devices.

Each weeknight, one charity is randomly selected from the list and receives $1,000. Please vote once a day to increase our chances of winning. Join AccuRadio in their 9th Season of Sharing and help HOME win $1,000. Voting ends December 22.

Happy listening!

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