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HOME Announces New Board Officers

With years of volunteer experience and professional and personal talents, our newly elected Board officers are excited to move HOME into 2021. With goals aimed at addressing new community challenges using our solid agency foundation, HOME looks to engage and inspire volunteers, congregations and community members to invest in helping families who are homeless and facing housing insecurity.


Dottie Driscoll, President

Starting as a volunteer through her congregation, Dottie quickly familiarized herself with the workings of HOME. Her driven personality greatly benefits the agency as she spearheads innovative concepts aimed at agency growth.

“There’s no place like HOME – and I’m honored to serve as the president of the Board of Trustees. I volunteered for the organization intermittently through my parish, St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Bridgewater. I was working in downtown Newark at the time and saw the magnitude of the homeless population. What could I do to help? Then I read an article in the local paper that IHN, now HOME, needed volunteers to help with marketing. I became more involved and eventually joined the Board. And the rewards are endless. I receive much more than I give; the staff, volunteers, families, board members past and present and – all of our supporters – have taught me so much and helped me grow personally, professionally and spiritually.”

“I am blessed to have a home with loving family. And I am also blessed to be a part of HOME of Somerset County, creating a loving, safe environment for struggling families.”


Kathy Rue, Vice President

Kathy has participated on the Board of Directors for over 25 years and has held several officer positions. Her background in social work is invaluable in ensuring that programming is tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable populations that she has experience in working with.

“Volunteering is a passion of mine and I have enjoyed working with HOME in many different capacities over the years.”


Gary Survill, Treasurer

With a career in finance, Gary’s expertise in financial health has enabled agency investing, budgeting prediction and preparation to ensure that HOME responsibly plans for success.

“We can talk about making a difference or we can make a difference.”


Carol Goett, Secretary

A longtime volunteer of HOME, Carol has filled many different volunteer roles including helping at our day center and tutoring children in need. Her background in teaching provides a caring and thoughtful approach for supporting our families in need.

“I have been involved with HOME since 2002 in many different ways, always meeting such wonderful people and seeing the many ways that lives can be changed. Joining the board has been another way to further understand the effects that homelessness has on us all.”

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